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Taogent & MIXACO Fair | CIBF2024 Ended With Success, We Keep Going.
 Apr 29, 2024|View:277


Taogent & MIXACO


Virtual Reality + Rowing Machine, Fantasy Collaboration

Realistic restoration of the entire production process of powder materials

Immersive experience of global, high-standard overall solutions for lithium battery cathode and anode material

Taogent & MIXACO

All Over the World

Globalization Strategy

Crowds of people

Taogent attracted tremendous attention

Taogent & MIXACO

Strivingfor Excellence

Safe Clean Efficient

High Quality Service

Gratitude to every friend for your visit and guidance

Gratitude to every partner for your trust and support

Taogent will go all out and work for our partners!

"More Efficient Powder Manufacturing"
  • E-mail: info@taogent.com
  • Add: 10floor block C, Tianrun science & technology building, science & Education City Wujin District Changzhou
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