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Soft Flexible Scale
Soft Flexible Scale
In the realm of industrial production, numerous sectors grapple with materials that exhibit poor fluidity and a propensity to adhere to surfaces. Despite these challenges, the need for seamless automatic batching remains prevalent. Recognizing this industry pain point, TAOGENT proudly introduces our proprietary soft scale treatment solution. This pioneering technology is engineered to effectively address these material flow issues, providing a scalable, flexible, and efficient resolution.
At TAOGENT, our commitment to innovation and problem-solving drives us to develop cutting-edge solutions ...

During the industrial production, in many industries, the material fluidity is poor and easy to stick to the wall, but most of them have the demand of automatic batching. Aiming at the pain point of this industry, our self-developed soft scale solves this problem. By selecting the appropriate software material, reasonable beating mechanism and form, the requirements of good weighing material emptying are realized.(Patent No.: ZL 202010329782.9)

"More Efficient Powder Manufacturing"
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