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Intelligent Batching System
Intelligent Batching System
Building upon the foundation of traditional automated batching systems, TAOGENT introduces its groundbreaking Intelligent Batching System, designed to revolutionize the fully automatic batching plant industry. Our system goes beyond the conventional by integrating advanced sensors, such as moisture content analyzers and precision online detectors, tailored to the unique characteristics of various materials. This innovation enables real-time analysis and adjustment during the batching process, elevating it to new levels of intelligence.
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On the basis of the traditional automatic batching system, the intelligent batching system can add sensors such as moisture content analysis and precision on-line detection according to different material characteristics to realize on-line analysis and online adjustment. It also realizes self-learning through program algorithm to achieve the purpose of intelligent batching. Another important indicator is the accuracy of ingredients, but the prepared materials can not be emptied. In this regard, Taogent's self-developed "software scalel"has solved the industry pain points of many industries.

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