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Material Static Transfer System
Material Static Transfer System
Within the realm of material transfer systems, TAOGENT introduces a groundbreaking approach known as "static transfer." This cutting-edge system addresses a myriad of challenges associated with automatic material transfers, particularly those involving highly corrosive materials, fragile products, and materials demanding precise magnetic control. By integrating RGV cars or AGV cars, the primary focus is on seamlessly achieving automatic docking - a crucial element. Our system finds extensive application across various industries, including food and medicine, as well as lithium battery material...

This kind of material transfer belongs to static transfer, it solves many automatic material transfer problems with high corrosion, fragile products and material with high requirements for magnetic control. Configuring RGV car or AGV car, the important thing is to solve the problem of automatic docking, widely used in food and medicine, lithium battery materials and other industries.(Patent No.: ZL201910261778.0)

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