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Arch-Breaking Valve
Arch-Breaking Valve
In the realm of powder discharging processes, challenges often arise when powder accumulates and forms stubborn arches within the inner wall of storage silos, causing disruptions in discharge and compromising weighing accuracy. TAOGENT introduces our innovative Air Breaker Valve, designed to tackle this persistent issue head-on. Installed at the base of the silo, this mechanism boasts a compact design and effortless installation, ensuring a continuous and stable solution for breaking and unblocking arches at the lower material outlet. Put an end to arch-related challenges during powder dischar...

In the process of powder discharging, the powder frame arch of the lower material mouth of the inner wall of the warehouse often occurs when the arch is blocked, resulting in poor discharge or weighing accuracy effect. This kind of arch breaking mechanism is installed at the bottom of the silo, with compact structure and easy installation, which can continuously and stably complete the arch breaking and blocking work of the lower material outlet.

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