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2023 ChangZhou Sodium-ion battery technology seminar
 Jul 05, 2023|View:683

2023 Sodium-ion battery technology innovation and industrial development seminar was held in ChangZhou.

The surge in demand for new energy vehicles has created a severe mismatch between the supply and demand of lithium resources, resulting in an exponential increase in the prices of lithium carbonate. This trend has emerged as a significant challenge for the new energy industry, posing a significant bottleneck in its development. To overcome this obstacle, Taogent has shifted its focus toward the development and commercialization of sodium-ion batteries. These batteries, unlike lithium-ion batteries, are not limited by the availability of resources, making them a more viable and sustainable option for the new energy industry.

Taogent possesses several key technologies and core equipment for battery materials. In the field of sodium-ion batteries, the production process equipment for sodium-ion batteries shares similar principles with that of lithium-ion batteries. As a result, traditional lithium-ion battery production lines can be repurposed for sodium-ion battery production through commissioning. Taogent are now developing several mature processes for commonly used anode materials in sodium-ion batteries, including hard carbon anodes, soft carbon anodes, and others.

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